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A selection of our fine products on offer to our consumers

Cane Handles

Made from the highest quality rattan cane.
Available in three shapes: Standard, Square and Oval. Available plain or with topknot or bound.


Wooden Taps

Made from ash and hard maple.
Compatible cork collars available for fitting.

Dispenser Pumps

Plastic pumps for liquid soaps or lotions compatible cork stopper available for fitting


Wooden Tableware

Mustard Paddles, Salt Spoons, Honey Twirlers, Pickle Spoons, Pate Knives.
These are just a few of our wide range of wooden tableware available, most are finished with a clear food-grade lacquer and are lightly wax polished.



A wide range of natural and fine agglomerated corks in sizes from 10mm x 8mm x 27mm as large as 112mm x 102mm x 30mm


Rubber Stoppers

Made from cream coloured natural rubber in sizes from 8mm diameter to 39mm


Tile Backings

Self adhesive agglomerated cork backings 150mm square.


Self- Adhesive Pads

Supplied in rolls on backing paper available in felt or cork


Plate and Bowl Stands

A versatile range of plate and bowl stands available in brass of plastic


Oil Pourers

The very best quality in stainless steel oil pourers available in three different designs